Do They Still Make Diesel Shoes?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 7, 2022

Are Diesel boots comfortable?

They are extremely comfortable – I wear them all the time. If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of shoes and don’t want to compromise on style, these are the shoes for you! 0 found this review helpful. Stylish and comfortable – This is my fifth pair of Diesel shoes, need I say more.

What are gas shoes?

GAS shoes are becoming an easily identifiable brand name for luxury shoes in the Indian subcontinent. They are gaining popularity at a rapid pace mainly due to the superior quality and design of their comfort-oriented shoes. GAS is owned by Grotto (S.P.A), an Italian family company.

Does diesel run small?

Diesel runs a little big, I usually wear 32×32 in most jeans (Gl├╝cksmarke, AG, 7), but in these I wear 31×30. For me, the 32’s are extremely large in the drop, and the 32′ length drags on the ground. Overall the fit, feel and look of these shoes is fantastic. I highly recommend them.

Does Grant Stone ever have sales?

A bit strange, but Grant Stone hardly does any sales. So any kind of discount is welcome, even if you need to buy “more” to spend a little less than you normally would. So while these Diesel boots normally cost $360, they drop to $303 if you buy the horsehair brush, key fob, and shoehorn.



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