Do Companions Keep Items When Dismissed Fallout 4?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 23, 2022

No, companions should not lose their inventory when dismissed. Damned. I did the same with Cait. After I got them, I stuffed them with junk and recruited Strong.

What happens when you dismiss a companion?

If you dismiss companions in Fort Joy, they will return to their original location where you first recruited them.

Can you get a companion back after dismissing them?

First, yes, you can retrieve it later. When you dismiss a follower, they will return to their home location – by default, this is usually where you first hired them. You can re-hire them there by speaking to them again and asking them to join you for another fancy adventure.

Where do companions go when you dismiss them Fallout 4?

They go to their “home” or the Lucky 38 (if you’ve already been there). You can always recruit them again by speaking.

Do companion weapons degrade?

Companions’ default armor does not decrease, and their default weapons do not run out of ammo. If you give them another weapon, you must give them ammo for it.

Where does Lily go when you dismiss her?

Cass in Mojave Outpost, ede in primm, Raul in Black Mountain, Boone in Novac, Rex in Freeside, Veronica in 188 Trading Post, Arcade Gannon in der alten Mormonenfestung und Lily in Jacobstown .

What happens if you dismiss Party member divinity2?

Where do dismissed followers go? When you dismiss a companion in Fort Joy, they return to the area where you originally met them. To recruit them again, make sure you have an empty spot in your party for another member and return to where you met the dismissed companion to recruit them again.

Where does Arcade Gannon go when you dismiss him?

After completing the quest, Arcade will no longer be a constant companion and will return to the Mormon Fort (on the Legion/NCR side) or the Lucky 38 (on the NCR side).

Can you dismiss Ed-E?

Sometimes ED-E on close will not appear as directed in Primm or Lucky 38, effectively disappearing from the game. For unknown reasons, ED-E does not levitate while other Eyebots do, what causes this is unknown and no fix yet.

How do I get my companion back?

What to do if you lose a companion in Fallout 4?

Where does Dogmeat go when you dismiss him?

Probably the Sanctum. When you “dismiss” a companion, you will generally be asked where to go. If you can’t find dog meat where you sent him, build a kennel, go and come back, he will be in the kennel.

Where is strong in Fallout 4 after dismissing him?

Strong never goes into stealth mode. If Strong is dismissed without naming a settlement, he will be returned to the Trinity Tower Lobby Level. Strong prefers melee weapons like the super sled or rifles.

Can you take companions to honest hearts?

In the DLC you can take your companions with you.

Can you bring companions to lonesome road?

You can’t take companions with you, but there are 2 companions you can travel with while you’re in the DLC (but you’re trapped there until it’s over, and you can’t take any of the Do side quests after it’s over).

Can you bring companions to Old World Blues?

In fact, every DLC apart from Old World Blues has sections in the main quests that require you to have a companion in one form or another, as well as many sections where you can bring a companion, but it’s not mandatory . You cannot do the DLCs with companions.



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