Can You Wash Evoshield Wrist Guard?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 28, 2022

HAND WASH. Use a mild soap such as B. dish soap, scrub thoroughly and rinse.

What is EvoShield wrist guard used for?

Protective Wrist Guard protects you from sore wrists and injured forearms caused by bad hops, hard grounders and wild pitches. Custom molded wrist guard disperses impact rather than absorbing it to provide stronger protection than traditional foam or plastic pads.

Can you reshape EvoShield elbow guard?

What arm do you wear a wrist guard for baseball?

How they help. The EvoShield wrist guard is designed to wear from the base of the wrist on your glove hand approximately 5 inches down your forearm.

How do you know what size EvoShield to get?

Measure your arm circumference just above the elbow to determine the best fit. If the arm measures over 10 inches, choose the large size. If under 10″, choose the small size.

What is EvoShield made out of?

EvoShield consists of a fusion of five layers of fiberglass resin that hardens quickly when removed from its foil packaging and exposed to oxygen. Beforehand, the user wraps the material around the area to be protected and shapes it to fit.

How do you mold an EvoShield wrist guard?

How do you clean EvoShield guards?

HAND WASH. Scrub thoroughly with a mild soap such as B. washing-up liquid and rinse off the protection. DO NOT SUM. HAND WASH.

How long does it take for an EvoShield to harden?

Gel-to-Shell technology means the gear is moldable from the start and begins to set within 30 to 60 minutes once removed from the protective packaging, giving the wearer time to to adapt them to bodywork. Within 24 hours, protection is “rock hard,” says Tom Bolle, EvoShield Brand Manager.

How long does it take to mold an EvoShield?

Allow at least 30 minutes to complete the fitting process and do not open the foil pouch for your gel-to-shell lower leg guards until you are ready to mold your guards. Make sure to wear your play pants and cleats/turf shoes when shaping.

Should you wear a wrist brace all day?

In general you should wear this brace sparingly during the day, especially if you overuse your hands. However, wear it continuously at night while you sleep until the symptoms disappear.

How do you wear an Evoshield?

How tight should wrist wraps be?

The tightness of the wrist wrap is partly a matter of preference. It should be tight enough to put pressure on your wrist and keep the joint stable, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable. Tighten the wrist wrap for heavier lifts as your wrist needs more stability and support.

How do you put on an Evoshield elbow guard?

How big is a large Evoshield elbow guard?

Coverage (Large): 9.25″W x 6.5″H.

How do you install Evoshield face guard?



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