Can You Use Rendezvous in a Sentence?

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The police were informed and went to the meeting point where the accused was waiting. I said that these detachments had to report to a commander and had to come to a meeting point. The town hall used to be a club and social meeting place.

What is an example of a rendezvous?

The definition of a rendezvous is a prearranged meeting or meeting place. When two people meet for lunch, this is an example of a rendezvous. A popular table in a restaurant, where two people often meet, is an example of a rendezvous.

What does rendezvous mean literally?

Etymology. Borrowed from French rendez-vous (“appointment”), noun derived from second-person plural imperative of se rendre (“go to”), lit. ”[you (imperative)] go to, bring yourself to [ a place ].”

What’s the plural of rendezvous?

The plural form of rendezvous is rendezvous The difference is in the pronunciation. The “s” at the end is silent in the singular but is pronounced as “z” in the plural. Rendezvous comes from the French word Rendez-vous Rendezvous is also accepted but rare.

What is a sentence for rotund?

Example of a plump sentence

He was a slightly plump man and usually wore a three-piece suit. While trying to work out the clue, I was approached by a plump gentleman who asked what I do.

Can rendezvous be used as a verb?

But more commonly, we use rendezvous to describe a gathering of friends, a date, or a date with your secret lover. If you’re feeling particularly French, you can use rendezvous as a verb, as in “Let’s meet at the mall next Saturday.”

How do you speak rendezvous?

Is Rendezvous an adjective?

noun, plural ren dez vous [rahn-duh-vooz; French rahn-de-voo]. an agreement between two or more people to meet at a specific time and place. the meeting itself.

What is rendezvous point?

A date is an often secret meeting that you have arranged with someone for a specific time and place.

Why is Rendezvous spelled like that?

No, it’s pronounced /ˈɹɑndeɪ̯ˌvu/ (ron-day-voo). Rendezvous comes from the French rendez-vous, which means meeting or appointment, and its pronunciation was heavily influenced by French pronunciation.

What is the longest word in the dictionary?

Pneumonultramicroscopic silicovulcanoconiosis is the longest word entered in the most trusted English dictionaries.

What is the synonym of rendezvous?

On this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for rendezvous, like: meeting place, affair, rendezvous, meeting, , engagement, haunted, rendevous, date, appointment and gathering .

What is a antonym for rendezvous?

Antonyms. Dismantling non-participation non-participation non-participation deglycerolization.

Does rotund mean fat?

Rounded number; plump. The definition of round is round or bold or full-bodied.

Is rotund a real word?

Round describes anything thick or round, like a teapot or your chubby Aunt Agnes. Rotund describes someone who is plump or obese. That’s not a compliment.

What does cavalierly mean?

Adverb. /ˌkævəˈlɪəli/ /ˌkævəˈlɪrli/ ​in a way that shows a lack of concern for something important or for other people’s feelings.

What type of speech is rendezvous?

As noted above, “rendezvous” can be a noun or a verb. Noun usage: I have a date with a friend in three weeks. Use of nouns: “Let the party start at 6:00 am on the rendezvous.”

What does a secret rendezvous mean?

countable noun. A date is an often secret meeting that you have arranged with someone for a specific time and place.

How do you pronounce LMAO?

Which letter is silent in the word rendezvous?

Answer: z is the silent letter in the word rendezvous .



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