Can You Use Any Usb Cable for Rocksmith?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 14, 2022

The Rocksmith Real Tone Cable is a unique 1/4″ to USB cable that allows Rocksmith to recognize and respond to your electric guitar or bass guitar. Rocksmith typically includes the Real Tone Cable in the box with the exception of downloaded versions. This cable is compatible with all versions of Rocksmith on all available platforms.

Can I use a regular USB guitar cable with Rocksmith?

Most likely the answer is yes. If your guitar has a standard 1/4″ output jack that you can connect the required Rocksmith Real Tone cable to, then yes your guitar will work.

Can I use a different cable for Rocksmith?

Yes, you can play Rocksmith without the Real Tone Cable. In case you don’t know, the Rocksmith Real Tone cable is just a standard 1/4″ guitar jack on one end with a USB connector on the other for connecting to your console or computer.

Can you use a 3rd party cable for Rocksmith?

Why is Rocksmith not detecting cable?

If your PC cannot detect that your Real Tone cable is connected, you can try reinstalling the Real Tone cable drivers. To reinstall the Real Tone cable drivers: • Open Device Manager. Expand the Sound, video and game controllers menu. Select the Rocksmith USB Guitar Adapter.

Do you need official Rocksmith cable?

Real Tone cables are cables that are “required” to play the Ubisoft Rocksmith 2014 game. For those who haven’t played Rocksmith 2014, simply use the Real Tone cable to connect your electric or acoustic guitar to Xbox, Playstation or even PC to play the game.

How do I connect my Rocksmith Real Tone Cable?

Is Rocksmith discontinued?

Starting October 17, 2021, Rocksmith (2011) will no longer be available in digital stores. Any game keys that have not been redeemed will also no longer work.

What’s the difference between Rocksmith and Rocksmith remastered?

The new version includes “an adjustable learning curve, expanded practice tools, stat tracking, improved menus and more”. The Remastered version is a free update for existing versions of the game, but was also released at retail for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with six additional songs.

Is Rocksmith good for learning guitar?

Rocksmith actually works as a guitar learning tool. This program is essentially a video game developed in a similar way to famous games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

What do you need to play Rocksmith 2014 on PC?

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