Can You Sell Railroad Spikes for Scrap?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 27, 2022

If you’ve stumbled across some railroad spikes, there’s no way you can recycle them at a junkyard. This is because most junkyards cannot accept spikes and other post-consumer materials without a proper release form from the rightful owner.

What can you do with railroad spikes?

What kind of metal are railroad spikes made of?

Spikes are made from relatively low carbon steel, which is softer than the steel used in rail and spike clubs. This is important as a spike will not break into flying steel filings when driven in and will likely stay in place when flexed.

Are railroad spikes high carbon steel?

There are no “high carbon steel” railroad spikes, but there are “higher carbon” “HC” spikes! This is just a term used in the railway industry to refer to specific spikes on specific sections of track (HC spikes are often used on tight turns).

How heavy is a railroad spike?

The weight of a 5½ × 9/16 × 9/16-in. Spike is about ½ lb. The head is usually elongated, about 1 3/16 × 1½ inches, with the underside of it being sloped to match the slope of the top of the rail flange, which is usually 13 degrees

How can you tell how old a railroad spike is?

Check the details of the Anchor Plates if Anchor Plates are found on or near the Spike. Look for date studs on railroad ties that may be nearby. (More on date nails is below).

What do the numbers on railroad spikes mean?

Few railroad artifacts draw attention like date nails. These little thumbnail-sized pieces of Americana steel are marked with a two-digit number that indicates the year a crosstie was made. The different shapes and styles make each one unique and reflect the changing styles over the decades.

Can you make a knife out of a railroad spike?

How do you cut railroad spikes?

Can you weld railroad spikes?

You can weld it with 6010, 7018 or 12018 or you can weld it with SS. There isn’t enough mass in a Rail Road Spike to justify spending a lot of time and effort on preheating.

Is railroad track steel good for knives?

Practical uses of track steel

This is actually a fairly popular metal for knifemakers to work with. It is excellent for forging and very good for heat treatments.

Are railroad spikes still used?

Spikes remain the fasteners of choice for North American railroads. A CSX Transportation representative says the railroad uses spikes on 97.5 percent of its 29,676 miles of track. It uses other fasteners on approximately 41 miles of curves and 700 miles of track with concrete sleepers.

What are small railroad spikes used for?

Rail Spikes

A rail spike (also known as a cut spike or crampon) is a large nail with an offset head used to fasten rails and bedplates to railroad ties (sleepers). on track.

How much is a railroad tie worth?

For hardwood trusses, you pay about $12 for a log. The tie is worth about $20. The sideboards can be $3-4 per log if it’s junk, maybe more if it’s Red Oak #1 com or better. So if you can make 100 ties a day maybe you can make $1100 a day before expenses.

How much does a keg of railroad spikes weight?

Railway Tools and Solutions | TRACK SPIKES. 50 LB KEG.

Was the Golden Spike really gold?

The point was 5 5/8 inches long, weighed 14.03 ounces, and was 17.6 karat gold. However, only about $350 worth of gold was used to achieve the actual surge. The remainder was left attached to the top in a large sprue. After casting, the golden spike was engraved on all four sides and the top.



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