Can You Rename Pokemon in Pokemon Y?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 5, 2022

Yes, you can change a Pokémon’s name to Pokémon X and Y, provided it’s your Pokémon and it’s in the original game.

Where is the name changer in Pokémon Y?

Kalos. You can find the Name Rater in Camphrier Town in the Pokémon Center.

Can you rename your Pokémon?

Can Pokémon’s nicknames be changed? Only Pokemon you’ve caught or bred yourself can be renamed by the Rater name. Any trades you traded in from other players must keep their original names. Essentially, if the Pokemon is from your game, it can change its nickname.

Can you rename a Pokémon that already has a nickname?

Speak to the name assessor and ask to change the nickname of a traded Pokémon. You can do this, but once you change the nickname, it becomes permanent. Keep in mind that you cannot change the nickname of a Pokémon that was already nicknamed by its previous trainer.

Can you rename a Pokémon when it evolves?

Even if you rename it to its original name, it will still be considered a nickname and will not change on evolution.

What is Pokémon y name?

Meet Xerneas and Yveltal. The official names of the two new Legendary Pokémon, the Pokémon X & Y versions were revealed. Xerneas, pronounced ZURR-ne-us, is the Pokemon that resembles a stag, while Yveltal, ee-VELL-tall, is the legendary bird. These names are from the official Pokemon site.

Can you nickname N’s Zorua?

These Pokémon cannot be given nicknames as they do not have a secret ID. N’s Pokémon have a set nature and have IVs of 30 in any state.

Why can’t I change a Pokemon’s name?

You can nickname commercially available Pokémon, but only once, unless it’s in a different language. AND only if the person who traded it to you hasn’t already nicknamed it. If you have already given it a nickname, unfortunately it is impossible to change the nickname on it.

Can you name a Pokemon after Cancelling?

Yes. You can rename a Pokemon anytime after you catch it, it doesn’t have to be right after.

How do you change your Pokemon name twice?

Does naming Pokemon do anything?

Nicknaming Results

Pokémon’s nicknaming rarely affects gameplay and is simply an element of customization that players can use or ignore.

Can you rename traded arceus?

Pokémon obtained from a trade cannot be renamed or given a nickname.

Can you trade a Pokemon back to its original owner Pokemon go?

Currently the game doesn’t allow players to trade a Pokemon more than once, meaning that a Trainer who gave away one of their Pokemon cannot get it back. it cannot then be passed on to anyone else.

Should I name my Pokémon?

It’s one thing to give your new friend a name with personal meaning; It’s a lot less special when your friend trades you a shiny Bulbasaur named “Fred”. Still, Masuda makes a strong point. “Please give them nicknames,” he says.

What is a good nickname for Dragonite?

What is your favorite Dratini nickname? Pop culture nicknames like Toothless and Puff evoke goofy playfulness in otherwise royal Pokémon, while creative names like Mistique and Nautica allude to Dratini’s fight-or-flight nature, while original nicknames like Draco and Astrid do, too are great choices.

Is there a Pokémon Z?

The alleged Pokémon Z was never released. Instead, the franchise skipped the third installment to begin development on Sun and Moon (Generation 7).

What is the longest Pokémon name?

According to the Pokemon Database: The Pokemon with the longest name is Fletchinder with 11 letters. In Gen 1 through Gen 5, a Pokemon’s name wasn’t allowed to exceed 10 letters, so that’s the maximum you’ll find, with examples like Weepinbell, Sudowoodo, Hitmonchan & more.



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