Can You Have 2 Xfinity Modems in the Same House?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 3, 2022

In short, Xfinity doesn’t recommend using more than one router with its services at a single address, but it’s still possible to set up an additional router or some sort of extender. Conversely, Xfinity does not support having more than one of its modems active on a single account or address.

Can you have 2 Xfinity modems in one house?

If you mean two direct cable modems or two combo modem/router gateway devices, most systems no longer allow the use of two modems at one address. Best to call to see what the local policy is. Even if they allow it, you have to pay for two accounts (double what you pay for HSI now).

Can I add a second modem to my Xfinity?

People can use two modems in one house, but it’s usually a big hassle. Comcast doesn’t allow you to just get a second modem and use it with their Internet service. Under normal circumstances, you will likely be charged extra for the modem.

Does having two modems cost more?

That would be very expensive, you are much better off getting a wireless router or ethernet switch to extend the connection of the modem two floors away from your second computer is. I hope this helps!

How do I add a second modem?

First router: Connect the Internet (or WAN) port to your modem. Second router: Connect one of the other ports (not Internet or WAN) to the same port on the back of the first router. If your ports on your routers are WAN, 1, 2, 3, 4, then connect the first and second router together in port 1.

Can you have two wifi modems?

Yes, using two (or even more than two) routers in the same home network is possible.

Can 2 modems be used on the same cable line?

My experience is that many systems do not allow the use of two modems on one address. Best to call to see what the local policy is. Even if they allow it, you have to pay for two accounts (double what you pay for HSI now). YMMV.

How can I use two modems on the same network?

If you only have one Internet connection but two modems, you can connect the pair by putting one modem in bridge mode and physically connecting them with an Ethernet cable.

Can having 2 routers cause problems?

No, two routers will not cause problems. However, if they are on the same (or close) channels, this can result in performance degradation. It’s best to place them on channels at least 6 apart so no part of the bands overlap.

Does adding a second router slow down Internet speed?

Adding routers will not affect your internet speed; it is preset by your service plan. However, it does help your office network to optimize the use of the speed allocated to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).



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