Can You Get the Muffle Enchantment in Skyrim?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 23, 2022

It can only be found through vendors or random loot. You can use the console command player. additem 00092a75 to directly add a pair of Muffle’s Steel Boots to your inventory, which you can then disenchant to experience the effect.

Is there a muffle enchantment in Skyrim?

Muffle is an Apprentice-level illusion spell and one of the enchanting effects in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. With a base casting cost of 144 magicka, casting the spell completely silences the caster’s footsteps. The spell lasts 180 seconds (396 seconds for double cast).

Where can I learn muffle enchantment Skyrim?

Which is better fortify sneak or muffle?

If you already have a very high sneak ability compared to your opponent, go for Muffle. If you choose to equip items that don’t weigh much or aren’t classified as armor, choose Fortify Sneak. If you have a sneak ability equal to or slightly less than your enemy’s, then choose Fortify Sneak.

What level does muffle spawn?

Muffle spawns as an enchantment at level 14 (I think) and due to the nature of the enchantment itself there will be a small chance to spawn. If you haven’t made it after level 70, you won’t. So be on the lower side of 14-70.

Do I need muffle if I have Silence perk?

Dagmar said: The Muffle enchantment on Ancient Shrouded Boots and the Muffle Movement perk are the same. Both offer 50% less noise generated by movement. The Silence benefit is superior as it gives you 100% less noise generated by movement.

How do you level a muffle?

What are the best enchantments in Skyrim?

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