Can You Find a First Sergeant Astor?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 2, 2022

You can find Sergeant Astor near the camp searchlight, where he is on patrol with a small group of NCR Soldier #1.

How many irradiated dog tags are there?

There are 9 of these tags that can be found this way. Several feral trooper ghouls can be found: Near the police station. At the fire station.

Can you save private Edwards?

Private Edwards and the ghouls are easily killed by the four unaided soldiers. The Courier can also just send him into the Mojave Wasteland to explore on his own.

Where are Camp Searchlight keys?

Layout. The station is only accessible by obtaining the key from Logan, a prospector found in the storage area of ​​Searchlight’s West Church.. Once purchased, the entrance area contains a desk with a door behind it that leads to the station information center. On the right is a door that leads to the prison cells.

Where is Sgt Astor?

First Sergeant Astor is a soldier in the New California Republic Army who was previously stationed at Camp Searchlight. In 2281, he can be found patrolling west of the camp with a small squad of soldiers.

Who do I give NCR dog tags to Legion?

For the NCR, they can be turned in to Quartermaster Mayes at Camp Forlorn Hope. This will give you a small increase in NCR Fame and two caps per day. For the Legion, they can be turned in to Aurelius of Phoenix in Cottonwood Cove.

How do you get Anders off the cross?

Sometimes using a knockout weapon (boxing tape, etc.) can be used to knock Anders off the cross without killing him. PC users can open the console, click Anders and type addtopic AndersFree, and then engage in dialogue with him again.

Is there anything at Searchlight airport?

The real Searchlight Airport is much smaller, has only one runway and no permanent facilities.

How do I get to ranger station Echo?

Echo Ranger Station is just south of Camp Forlorn Hope. If you can use fast travel to jump there instantly, consider going to a nearby location instead, e.g. B. Cliffside Prospector Camp to the east or Snyder Prospector Camp to the west.

How do you get to the long 15 in Fallout New Vegas?

The Gateway to Long 15 is a location in the Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281. It is on the southwest edge of the Mojave Outpost. It provides access to Long 15 if the Courier decides to launch the nukes against the NCR during the completion of the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.

Where is Logan in Camp Searchlight?

Logan is a prospector in the storage area under Camp Searchlight in the year 2281.

Where are the radiation suits in Camp Searchlight?

After hacking the terminal (average), the courier is instructed to go to Nipton to look for the suits. Since Boxcars is the only living resident, you must speak to him to be directed to the hidden supply cave north of Nipton. Here is the Radiation Suit Pack behind a door with an average lock.



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