Can You Drop or Sell Guns in Rdr2?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 24, 2022

Players can exchange them for other weapons while on the ground, but they will always be available from your horse. This makes it impossible to get rid of or sell weapons permanently.

Can we sell weapons in rdr2?

Unfortunately. You will cycle through this basic weapon/shotgun throughout the game.

Can you sell guns back in rdr2?

How do you get rid of extra guns in rdr2?

The only thing you can do is buy another rancher to replace the worn out one. As far as I know you can’t drop weapons in single player. You can buy a gun safe for your camp.

Where can I sell my guns in rdr2?

One near a fence in Saint Denis, one in Emerald Ranch, one in Rhodes and a new one in Van Horn. There you can sell your weapons.

Can you lose guns in rdr2?

Because Arthur can’t carry all of his gear with him all the time, you’ll have to re-equip your horse’s weapons almost every time before using them. So if you lost your weapons, they probably aren’t really gone, you just have to go to your horse and hold down the left shoulder button to open your weapon wheel.

What does the weapons locker do in rdr2?

The Weapon Locker has been around in Red Dead Online for quite some time, so it’s nice to see this helpful feature making its way into Story Mode. As the name suggests, the Weapon Rack is a way for Red Dead Redemption 2 players to store weapons they aren’t using.

Why are my weapons gold in Red Dead?

Unlike their single-player counterparts, the multiplayer Golden Guns have no advantage beyond looks – they are simply intended as a token of prestige. Weapons in a player’s inventory are not marked “gold” or otherwise marked, instead the gold appearance automatically appears when the weapon is drawn.

Can you go back and get Micah’s guns?

Following the events of the final mission in Red Dead Redemption 2’s Epilogue, it is known that Micah’s revolver can only be reached by John Marston. After the player finishes the game, they can go all the way back and pick up the abandoned revolver.

How do you keep a Flacos revolver?

It cannot be purchased or customized. Flaco’s Revolver can only be collected next to Flaco Hernandez’s body after defeating him in a duel during his part of Gunslinger mission The Noblest of Men, and a Woman. It must be picked up shortly after the duel. A later collection is not possible.



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