Can You Delete and Repost on Kijiji?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 21, 2022

Kijiji Repost takes your existing ad’s information, deletes your ad, and reposts a new ad with that information. The extension is ban-safe as long as you only post to one account. Just go to My Ads and click our repost button – done. Your ad will be back at the top in a few minutes.

How many times can I repost on Kijiji?

The icing on the cake: There is no limit to the number of reposts! Get the attention you deserve at a fraction of the price. Don’t pay for a buggy extension and get the most for your money.

Can you post the same ad twice on Kijiji?

Posting the same ad in multiple categories may result in removal from Kijiji. When you run your ad, place it in your region for maximum exposure. It’s okay to post in more than one city, for example if you live between two Kijiji cities.

How do I relist on Kijiji?

If you would like to repost an expired ad, access your Kijiji account from your computer, select “My Ads” and then “Inactive Ads” and you can re-post all ads publish your ads that have expired. Expired ads remain available to repost in the Inactive Ads tab for 60 days.

How do I bump my ad on Kijiji?

Log in to your Kijiji account and select “My Ads”. On the “Active” tab, go to the ad you want to boost and click Click “Get More Views”. A menu with all functions opens. You can select 1, 3, 5 or 10 bump ups for that specific ad by clicking the + icon to see the different bump up options.

Can you view deleted Kijiji ads?

Archive. The archive button will permanently delete your ad. You can still see them in the Archived list, but you won’t be able to repost them without re-creating the ad.

What does the eye mean on Kijiji?

The Favorites feature allows you to keep track of ads that interest you. You can easily save and compare up to 100 different Kijiji ads at once.

How do I sell more on Kijiji?

What sells fast on Kijiji?

How many Kijiji accounts can I have?

Creating multiple accounts should NEVER be considered by any business; Eventually, Kijiji will permanently ban your business account and prevent your content from being posted.

Can you edit Kijiji ad after posting?

Tap the pencil icon at the top of the screen to edit your ad. Once the changes are made, click Post Ad at the bottom of the page. Once your ad has been placed, you will no longer be able to edit: City/Town: If your ad was placed in the wrong city, you will need to delete the ad and re-post – post it.

How long does Kijiji ad last?

Listing fees allow your ad a full 31 days period before it must be renewed and the listing fee charged again. If one of your free ads is removed during this time, one of your paid ads may be reposted for free.

Can you see your Kijiji history?

Yes, you can! To view your own profile information, open the Kijiji app. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, click My Kijiji. If you’re using an Android phone, click the hamburger menu and select My Kijiji.

Does Kijiji bump up work?

How it works. Bump-ups bring your ad back to the top of regular listings and appear on the first page in its category and in all relevant searches. Your ad will stay in first place until another Kijiji ad is posted or promoted. You can use the Bump Up feature in all categories except Events and Garage Sales.

How do I post on Kijiji without paying?

To post a search ad: select I want to under Ad type. To post as Free or Swap/Trade: Select a price from Free or Swap/Trade. Please note: Only items that are offered free of charge and with no additional conditions may be listed in this way.

How does Kijiji make money?

Kijiji makes money from commissions on sales and advertising. It has three main revenue streams: seller listing fees; Funded Viewing Fees; and advertising.

How do I find deleted ads?

What is Kijiji Admarkt?

You decide when and how your ads run, how much you spend, and when your ads expire. You can create new ads, upload ads from your normal Kijiji profile and manage your budgets via Admarkt’s ad manager. Service listings are offered on a cost-per-click (or CPC) basis. How.

Why wont Kijiji let me post?

If you’re able to submit the ad but get an error message at the top of the page, you may have previously posted one or more ads that violate our Terms of Service and Posting Policies . If you’re still having trouble posting, contact our Customer Service team for more information.

What does red flag mean on Kijiji?

Shares. shares. How can community members help protect Kijiji from spam, scams, scams, and illegal postings? “Reporting” means to notify our customer service team of an ad or respond to an ad.



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