Can You Cure Vampirism in Oblivion?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 20, 2022

Vampirism can only be cured in the base game through the Vampire Cure quest and cannot be reacquired without using console commands or the Eternal Darkness quest. The Font of Renewal can also be used to cure vampirism with The Vile Lair plugin.

Is it worth being a vampire in Oblivion?

Is it a good choice to be a vampire in Oblivion? Don’t do it. Sun damage is debilitating and there are no real benefits. If you accidentally become a vampire, seek healing immediately.

How do I survive vampirism in Oblivion?

All you have to do is feed on someone (drink blood) to return to your initial level of vampirism, at this stage no one will refuse to talk to you . But if you don’t want that, you can use the Vampire Spell on someone to make them talk to you.

What ingredients do I need to cure vampirism in Oblivion?

What is the cheat to cure vampirism in Oblivion?

Use the player. additem cheat in Oblivion for PC to add the potion to your inventory or use the command console to instantly remove the effects of vampirism.

How do I cure vampirism in Oblivion without the quest?

Can you become a vampire twice in Oblivion?

You can only become a vampire once: If you become a full vampire and then get cured, you cannot become a vampire again.

How do I get rid of vampirism?

What happens if you dont feed vampires Oblivion?

To stay in the first stage of vampirism, you must feed once every 24 hours (Oblivion hours, not your real-world, mother-terrorist hours). If you do not eat within 24 hours, the next time you sleep or wait, your progression to the next stage of the disease will stop.

Can you be a werewolf in Oblivion?

There is a werewolf in Oblivion, but it’s hidden 😉 Bethesda included it as a throwback to Bloodmoon. Go to the end of Veyond Cave north of Bruma.

What does an argonian look like in Oblivion?

Argonians have gills on their necks and are covered in scales. This gives the Argonians the unique ability to breathe underwater, which has proven to be an advantage when fighting other races, particularly in the Black Marsh swamps.

How do you cure vampirism in Oblivion Xbox 360?

Hassildor wants the cure and tells of a witch who lives near the river Corbolo south of Cheydinhal in Drakelowe. Travel to Drakelowe and talk to the witch Melisande. She will say that she needs five empty Greater Soul Gems before helping with the healing.

Who sells grand soul gems in Oblivion?

Shop at Aurelinwae or Calindil in Mystic Emporium, Imperial City Market District. Most Mages Guild Halls have at least one Greater Soul Gem for sale. These can also be stolen from the dealer.

Where can I find vampire dust in Oblivion?

Vampire Dust cannot be purchased from vendors, nor is there a guaranteed pre-harvest sample. The only other way to find it is randomly in some necromancer and vampire loot chests (level 9+).

Why did I become a vampire in Oblivion?

Vampirism is a syndrome acquired when the porphyric hemophilia has infected the body for three days and the victim has slept for at least an hour. Someone infected with vampirism is called a vampire. Sunlight damages their pale complexion and develops a sensitivity to fire.

How do you avoid sun damage in Oblivion?

A constant Restore Health spell with a power of 16 points per second will completely neutralize the effects of Sun damage for any vampire level and any time of the day.

How do I get rid of porphyric Hemophilia in Oblivion?

Using a spell or potion with the Cure Disease effect will only cure Porphyric Hemophilia within the first three days of contracting said disease. After the three days are up, you must either complete the Vampire Cure quest or use the Source of Renewal in the Vile Lair DLC to cure yourself of vampirism.

Is it worth it to be a vampire in Skyrim?

With Dawnguard, yes! I would say it can be. The effects of vampirism are very useful if you ask me. These include 100% immunity to disease and poison, better stealth, and stronger illusion spells.



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