Can You Copy an X Spell?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 6, 2022

If you cast a spell with X in its cost, it’s saved into the card’s cost when you cast it (like X = a number). Copying this will take all the info including the X. So yes, it keeps the damage for X.

Can you copy a cipher spell?

“Cipher” means “When this spell is represented by a card, you may exile this card encoded onto a creature you control” and “As long as this card is encoded on this creature, this creature has “Always when this creature deals combat damage to a player, you may copy the encrypted card and you may cast the copy without paying…

Does copying a spell count as casting it again?

Copying a spell, activated ability, or triggered ability is putting a copy of it on the stack; A copy of a spell isn’t cast and a copy of an activated ability isn’t activated.

Can X spells cost less?

In short, yes, effects that reduce the cost of a spell will reduce the cost of X in a spell’s mana cost because part of casting that spell is taking a value for X to choose.

How do X spells work?

When you cast a spell with X in its cost, you decide how much X will be, and then add that amount to the rest of the spell’s cost when you pay it. When the spell resolves, consider each “X” in the card’s text box as the chosen number.

How do you play stolen identity?

Stolen identity is a sorcery. The rules allow a player to cast sorcery spells only during his or her main phase and only when the stack is empty. A player may also cast a spell whenever an effect allows or requires it.

Does cipher work?

How a cipher works is quite interesting. It uses a fixed set of rules or algorithms to convert the plaintext or human-readable message into a ciphertext, which is nothing more than a sequence of random characters. The ciphers could be designed to encrypt or decrypt the bits in stream ciphers.

Does Cascade count as casting?

Casting a card with the cascade ability is optional. If you choose not to, that card is put on the bottom of your library in a random order along with the other cards exiled with cascade.

Can you copy a Planeswalker?

The simple answer is “no, planeswalkers are always legendary and the legend rule applies“.

Can Lithoform engine copy itself?

Lithoform Engine can copy any spell or ability on the stack, not just one with targets.

Can you reduce mana cost to zero?

If the mana component of the total cost is reduced to zero by cost reduction effects, it is considered {0}. It cannot be reduced to less than {0}. Once the total cost is determined, all effects that directly affect the total cost are applied.



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