Can I Return Something to Microcenter Without a Receipt?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 8, 2022

We guarantee your satisfaction with every product we sell with free and easy returns and a full refund – and you don’t even need a receipt* We want you to be happy with your Micro Center buy!

Can Micro Center look up receipts?

When you shop in store, you should be able to receive an email or paper receipt. If you have a Micro Center Insider account, all purchases made under that account can be viewed in your order history associated with the email address provided to the customer service representative at checkout.

Can you return to store without receipt?

Can I return something without a receipt? While there’s no legal requirement for a retailer to refund a purchase without proof of purchase, most will allow an exchange or credit so it’s always worth asking.

What if I want to return something but I don’t have the receipt?

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