Can Druid Use Polearms in Vanilla?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 18, 2022

Druids cannot use polearms.

What weapons can druids use in vanilla?

In Classic, Druids can use Daggers, Fist Weapons, Maces (both 1- and 2-handed), and Staves.

When did druids use polearms?

Polearms were finally added to Druids in Wrath of the LIch King.

Which Wow classes can use polearms?

Polearms can be wielded by death knights, Monks, paladins, warriors, and druids. Hunters can also wield polearms, but are unable to use ranged attacks when wielding one.

When can druids learn polearms TBC?

At level 10, Druids can visit weapon trainers in capital cities to learn additional weapon skills for each.

Can druids use polearms?

Druids cannot use polearms.

What weapon should a druid use?

As far as weapons are concerned, druids can use slings, spears, darts, staves, daggers, and many other types of weapons. But because of the Shillelagh cantrip, a staff is almost always your best choice.

Who can use polearms TBC?

Polearms can be trained by Hunters, Paladins, and Warriors starting at level 20, in either Stormwind or Undercity.

Who uses polearms in Genshin impact?

The first four polearm users in the game (Xiangling, Zhongli, Xiao, Hu Tao) are all from Liyue. Rosaria was the first non-Liyue playable character introduced to use the polearm.

What weapon should a guardian druid use?

Guardian Druid Facts

Druids can use daggers, fist weapons, 1H maces, 2H maces, polearms, and staves. Guardian’s iconic and most important abilities are Moonfire, Bear Form, Ironfur, Frenzied Regeneration, Thrash, Survival Instincts and Mangle.

Can Druids use polearms in Burning Crusade?

Druids cannot use polearms.

Can Paladins use polearms?

Paladins can use polearms, but most weapons come down to the weapon itself for the stats and weapon damage.

Can Druids use spears 5e?

On page 2, it limits Druids to the following weapons: Daggers, sickles, or crescent shaped swords, spears, slings, and oil.

Is a polearm a spear?

A pole-arm is differentiated from a spear in that the penetrating ‘edge’ is parallel to the pole, rather than in-line, although many pole-arms also incorporate a spear point.

Can hunters use polearms TBC?

Polearms for Burning Crusade Classic Hunters

Polearms are acceptable weapons for Hunters. Generally, Hunters prefer 2H weapons for the higher single-hit damage, so Polearms are pefectly usable, if they have solid stats.



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