Can Adults Go to Camp Woodward?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 13, 2022

Absolutely. While summer camps are offered for 7-19 year olds, Woodward Park City also offers adult camps and activities.

Is there an age limit for Camp Woodward?

How old do you have to be to attend Woodward Residential Camp? The majority of our campers are between 7 and 17 years old. We offer adult camps for people aged 18 and over during selected weeks of the summer. Skiing & Snowboard camp weeks 1-3 are open to adults in 2019.

How much does it cost to get into Woodward Camp?

Camp Woodward prices have increased to approximately $1,300 per week (excluding airfare and travel expenses). It’s certainly a question of how much are you willing to pay for your child to be able to skateboard?

Can beginners go to Camp Woodward?

Experience the magic of Woodward with your family and friends! Open to all ages, our weekend getaways are the perfect way for everyone to see what Woodward PA has to offer.

Can you go to Woodward Pa for a day?

Skaters, bikers and scooter riders can have all-day exclusive use of the indoor facilities you know and love – Lot 8 and Cloud 9. Weekend getaways are available for both kids and adults. All prices are based on double occupancy; Adults should book in groups of two or more.

How do I get to Woodward for free?

How big is the mega ramp at Woodward?

The new Mega Ramp at Woodward West features a huge roll-in to a choice of 50, 60 or 70 foot gap followed by a massive landing in a 27 foot quarter pipe. When the Mega Ramp team says “mega,” they mean mega. You may be able to see the ramp from space. It’s so big.

Can you go to Woodward Skatepark for a day?

The Woodward 10-Pack

10 Go Time sessions just for you – Access to the environment for 2 hours.

Who owns Camp Woodward?

Gary Ream is the founder and President of Camp Woodward.

What can you bring to Woodward Skate camp?

Is Woodward a good camp?

A mother’s perspective – I would highly recommend Woodward if your child is interested in any of the programs they offer. I found the facility to be in great condition, well run and the staff and advisors helpful and friendly. I was really impressed by the atmosphere at Woodward.

What city is Woodward West in?

Lager Woodward in Tehachapi | Woodward West.

When did Woodward West open?

Originally founded in 1970 as a gymnastics camp in the scenic mountains of central Pennsylvania, Camp Woodward has grown to become the leader in lifestyle and action sports advancements, offering the ultimate summer Camp Experience. p>

How tall is the vert ramp at Woodward?

This facility features a 9ft mini vert ramp with Resi-Landing™, a 6ft bowl with hip and subbox, and a full street course full of ledges, wedges, gaps, and splints galore.

Is there going to be a Woodward Season 11?

The Camp Woodward Show is coming back and the latest season could be YOU. That’s correct! We’re looking for a skater to join the cast of Camp Woodward Season 11.

Who started Woodward Camp?

Woodward Camp or Camp Woodward is a summer sleep-in camp in Woodward, Pennsylvania, USA. Founded in 1970 by Edward Isabelle, an all-American gymnast, it has become world famous for its action sports, gymnastics and cheer programs.



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