Are Speck Cases Lifetime Warranty?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 3, 2022

Does Speck offer lifetime warranty?

Speck is a company that designs and manufactures cases for portable electronic devices such as iPhones, Androids, iPads, MacBooks, tablets, e-readers and more. Speck is so confident in some of its products that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

How do I replace my Speck case?

How to make a warranty claim. Warranty claims should be addressed directly to Speck. Check out our FAQ page for information on how to submit your warranty claim. For customer support, please call us at 1-(888)-872-4445, contact us, or email us: [email protected]

Do Speck cases break?

Bacon cases are junk, totally worthless. All of the tabs on my lower case are torn and broken off and the thing is barely holding up. I just put a big rubber band around it when I close it. Email Speck, they will do a warranty return if purchased from an authorized retailer and have the receipt, but you will have to pay for shipping.

Is a Speck case worth it?

Good quality

Like all Speck products, they make high quality cases. This clear case is great because it allows you to show off your phone’s color and design. The back is made of hard, clear polycarbonate and the buttons are made of clear TPU.

Do Speck cases turn yellow?

Our clear cases won’t yellow from the sun’s UV rays. However, individual skin pH, skin oils & Certain chemicals (like lotions and cosmetics) can cause our clear cases to discolour. Please email [email protected] to see if you are eligible for our warranty.

Where are Speck phone cases made?

Speck Products is a San Mateo, California company that manufactures protective cases for portable electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Android devices, Windows Phone devices, tablets and eReaders.< /p >

What brand of phone case is the best?

What does military grade phone case mean?

The Customer Support section states that “Military Grade Protection” means that each MIL-STD case has been drop tested on every side, edge and corner and that after the tests the phone has stood still and will work with a uncracked screen.

What are speck cases made of?

The Speck CandyShell is one of the signature cases that Speck has to offer. The outside is made of high-gloss polycarbonate, while the inside is made of an impact-resistant, rubberized, thermoplastic polyurethane.

Do clear laptop cases get dirty?

They did a great job making these cases thinner than the regular ones. I haven’t had any problems with dirt for the last few months, but you will get dirt particles in ALL cases. You should regularly take your Mac out of its case to clean it, just to make sure the dirt isn’t causing any problems.

Should I put a clear case on my Macbook?

Both types of cases would protect the Mac case if cared for. It’s more about taking it out and putting it on different surfaces, moving it around, etc. If you want your Mac case to remain pristine, consider using a hard case.

Do Speck cases work with MagSafe?

The MagSafe-compatible Presidio Perfect-Clear features 13-foot drop protection and Microban® antimicrobial product protection, available now on and at select retailers. Presidio Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe works flawlessly with all Apple MagSafe accessories.

Do Speck cases stay clear?

About this article. Drop Protection: This slim dual-layer iPhone case is designed to protect your phone from drops, scratches and other damage with 2.5m drop protection. Stays clear: Its high-tech coating resists rays, oils and other substances to prevent discolouration.

What is the difference between Speck Presidio and Presidio 2?

Speck today announced the launch of a new line of Presidio2 cases, which Speck claims are the most protective, durable and thinnest dual-layer cases the company has ever created. The Presidio2 cases use new “Cloud Armor” technology, which creates individual air capsules along the perimeter of the case.

Is Presidio perfect clear a good case?

PRESIDIO PERFECT-CLEAR is our most transparent protective cover we have ever designed. Our innovative new materials have allowed us to create a case that stays clear longer and offers more protection and durability. Not only is this case stylish, but our Clear Impact technology makes it impact resistant.



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