Are Sharpie Fumes Toxic?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 20, 2022

Breathing in fumes from a permanent marker may cause a headache, upset stomach or dizziness. If someone breathes in the fumes on purpose to get high (inhalant abuse) they can get very sick. They can have slurred speech, pass out and have an irregular heartbeat.

Are Sharpies toxic to smell?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teachers says Sharpies contain volatile solvents, which are liquids that become gases at room temperatures. When inhaled, solvents produce a “high.” They can cause slurred speech, lack of coordination, euphoria and dizziness, and even Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome.

How toxic are Sharpies?

No it is not toxic but over-use and cleaning products can cause minor skin irritation problems long term. You may be killed from choking on a Sharpie but if you lick it once or accidently get it in your mouth you will not die from it.

Can you get sick from sniffing Sharpie?

Sniffing concentrated fumes from chemical substances like these can cause many health problems, including liver and kidney damage, hearing loss, or bone marrow damage…. Inhalants can also cause brain damage by cutting off oxygen flow to the brain.

Can you get poisoned from Sharpies?

5 Only the King Size Sharpie, Magnum Sharpie, and Touch-Up Sharpie contain this chemical. Inhaling the vapor released by these markers or ingesting their contents can cause injury. However, it’s not technically correct to call this “ink poisoning” because the issue is the solvent, not the pigment.

How do you get rid of Sharpie fumes?

Remove Odor with Baking Soda

Like lemon, baking soda is also a natural remedy for offending smells and can be used to remove the odor of permanent markers. You will need to place the item in a sealed bag with the baking soda, or sprinkle baking soda onto it, leave it for a few hours and wipe off with water.

What chemicals are in Sharpies?



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