Are or Is a Plethora?

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Plethora is usually written as a plural of and although it is singular it implies a plural. For this reason, depending on the context and disposition of the author, Plethora can take singular or plural verbs and be written as “a wealth of examples are” or “a wealth of examples is”.

How do I use the word plethora?

What is plethora plural?

noun. plethora (countable and uncountable, plural plethorae or plethoras) (usually followed by of) An excessive quantity or number; an abundance.

Is a plethora meaning?

Full • \PLETH-uh-ruh\ • noun. : an excessive amount or abundance; also : Abundance.

Is it correct to say plethora of?

An abundance is an abundance. The excess is key here; In the traditional usage of the word, an abundance is too much of something. Today, however, the word is often used as a synonym for much or many, implying abundance, but not necessarily abundance.

Is or are myriad?

The verb is is and the complement of is is myriad – which is a singular noun, no combinations. Myriad would have to have an s at the end if it was plural. Since Myriad already means many of, Myriad means multiple instances of many of X, which is probably not what is meant.

How many are in a plethora?

Plethora means an abundance or excess of something. When you have 15 different people you want to take out on a date, you have a wealth of romantic options.

Is plethora a collective noun?

A fullness is singular, so you have to say “there is a fullness of…” just as you would say “there is a lot…” when using multiple fullnesses have to do, you could use the plural: “there are tons of…”, but that feels very contrived and artificial.

What is the suffix of plethora?

History of the word: Today’s Good Word comes to us via Latin from the Greek plethora “abundance”, the noun of pleos “full”. The same root appeared in Latin with a -n suffix as plen-us “full”, resulting in English in plenty, plenar “full, complete” and plenum “meeting with all members present”, the neuter of the Latin plenus .

How is myriad used in a sentence?

Example for countless sentences. A myriad of emotions washed over Dean as Corday spoke. I will never be able to count the countless blessings I have received. The myriad twinkling lights of the city reminded me of my days in Paris.

How big is a plethora?

Plethrone (Greek: πλέθρον, plural plethra) is an ancient Greek unit of measurement equal to 97 to 100 Greek feet (ποῦς, pous; about 30 meters), although the measurements for plethra are like this may vary from polis to polis. That was about the width of a typical ancient Greek athletics track.

What is plethora synonym?

Deluge, excess, glut, abundance, abundance, abundance, abundance, inundation, plenty, inundation, excess, excess, abundance, abundance, abundance, many.

What is the plural of myriad?

Recent criticism of the use of myriad as a noun, both in the plural form Myriads and in the phrase Myriad of, seems to reflect a misconception that the word was originally correct and still is just one adjective.

How much is a myriad?

a very large or indefinitely large number of people or things. ten thousand. of an indefinitely large number; innumerable: the innumerable stars of a summer night.

Does myriad take singular or plural?

When Myriad first appeared in English, it was always plural followed by of, like many myriads of men. Then, in 1609, the singular form of Myriad was used first, followed by von again. This enabled expressions like Myriad of Bubbles.

Does myriad take a singular or plural verb?

The question of whether you should use Myriad or Myriad of is largely a matter of style, not correctness. Both forms of the word are recognized in Standard American English. Even the plural myriads is technically correct, although it is far less common.

Can myriad be used as a noun?

Myriad has been commonly used as a noun for almost five hundred years.

What is an example of plethora?

The definition of an abundance is an abundance or abundance. An example of abundance is an excess amount of grilled food. (usually followed by) An excessive amount or number; an abundance.



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