Are Joytech Hubs Any Good?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 13, 2022

The bottom line is that they are what you would expect, not the best hubs in the world, but not junk either. You can find parts but from weird sources like eBay and direct from China. A huge range of parts is available so you can have a steel or aluminum freewheel body, axle etc.

Do bicycle hubs make a difference?

Hubs that are “louder” usually have more interaction points. This means your drive train will pick up faster, so less energy is wasted. Hubs with sealed cartridge bearings or needle bearings usually never need to be replaced, they are much stronger and stay cleaner.

What MTB hub has the most engagement?

For a long time, the buzzing bee of Chris King hubs was considered the gold standard. While the Drive Ring freewheel system may have been surpassed in terms of engagement points (72), the serviceability, reliability and buttery smooth bearings are arguably still unmatched.

Who makes Novatec hubs?

Novatec is a division of JoyTech created to market and develop a line of high performance road and mountain bike wheels. In addition to several sharp looking aluminum and carbon road wheelsets, Novatec offers wheelsets ranging from XC Race to Trail/Enduro to DH, available in 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ sizes.

Where are Novatec hubs made?

High-end from Taiwan: Novatec has been producing high-quality hubs for all types of bicycles since 1989 and has thus made an excellent name for itself for first-class hubs and – for several years – wheels. Novatec products are not only highly functional, but also light and excellently made.

Are expensive bike hubs worth it?

The more expensive ball and cone hubs used higher quality parts and had better treads in the hubs, with the result that they would last longer with proper maintenance. However, cartridge sealed bearing hubs are easily interchangeable as long as they continue to be made to the size you need.

What hubs do pro cyclists use?

The distinctive green hubs are Chris King R45s. They use lightweight hub bodies and bearings made in-house. The rear wheel hub has a RingDrive system with 45 teeth for quick traction.

Do high engagement hubs make a difference?

Not to say that a hub with higher POE doesn’t make a difference, but it’s not massive and only shows up in somewhat specific situations. The more technical you climb, the more important faster gripping hubs are.

What are the lightest MTB hubs?

Blue is the lightest option for standard hubs and features 3 pawls with 27 engagement points (15º). Black (new) has 6 pawls to get 54 POE (7.5°) for people who want faster reaction.

Are DT Swiss hubs loud?

Since getting deep carbon wheels I have noticed that they act as an amplifier which can make loud hubs too loud for comfort and made a huge mistake going for DT Swiss 54t Ratchet 350s which just sound like your bike punctuated with a loud, oscillating hum.

Are novatec wheels any good?

The Novatec Jetfly SL wheels are light, relatively cheap and responsive. They’re great for training and everyday use, although you’ll notice some flexibility if you push really hard. The Jetfly is Novatec’s mid-range training wheelset with a 32mm deep rim, 21mm wide outside and 17mm wide inside.

Is novatec a good hub?

Easily rebuildable, lightweight and durable, especially for their very fair gram count. You can also easily find replacement parts if you need them. I’ve put 2200 miles on a set I built a year ago and they’re still nice and smooth. That means they are NOT just thrown over and neglected for normal maintenance.

Are Novatec hubs loud?

A few months later they are noticeably louder. But not nearly as loud as some other options. I personally hate loud hubs and find them really annoying and distracting. But to each his own.

What country is novatec in?

NOVATEC PAGANI is the leading company in Mexico in the development and manufacture of plastic containers and pallets. The company began operations in January 1981 in the city of Leon, Guanajuato. This prosperous city is located in the central region of the country.

How do I service a Novatec hub?

What is the loudest hub?

What are the loudest bicycle hubs? Some of the loudest bike hubs are Hope Hubs, Industry Nine, Tune, DT Swiss, Hadley, White Industries etc.

Should I upgrade bike hub?

A replacement or upgrade hub can give your bike a performance advantage with lighter weight and better quality bearings available in the aftermarket. However, the type of hub you choose depends on many factors including bike type, axle dimensions, ride type and budget.

Should I upgrade my hubs?

Silent or quieter hubs are usually considered an upgrade. However, if you really want a noisy hub, you can buy a replacement hub and have the wheel rebuilt. Wheel rebuilds almost always require new spokes and a few hours of work, so it’s very often cheaper to just buy a new wheel.

Why are Chris King hubs so good?

Made to last, they are built to be serviced – not replaced. It’s fun to work on these hubs. Everything makes sense, fits well together, is built to be easy to maintain. I prefer to service my gear rather than sending it to the landfill every few years.



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