Are Jegs and Summit the Same Company?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 6, 2022

Who owns Summit Racing Parts?

“It’s not like you can go to Sears and get these parts,” said 49-year-old Summit Racing owner Paul Sergi. Summit Racing embraced two major trends of the 1980’s: mail-order convenience and frustration with fuel-efficient but muscle-weak car engines.

Did jegs sellout?

Jegs, the famous auto parts catalog company, sold to private equity firm.

Who brought jegs?

Greenbriar Equity Group, a mid-market private equity firm, has acquired a controlling interest in JEGS Automotive, the national retailer and distributor of high-performance aftermarket auto parts and accessories based in Delaware, Ohio .

Is Summit Racing a good brand?

Summit Racing has a consumer rating of 1.8 stars from 165 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers who complain about Summit Racing most commonly mention customer service, next day, and credit card issues. Summit Racing is ranked 274th among auto accessories websites.

Is Summit Racing an American company?

Is Summit Racing shutting down?

A treacherous drag racing season for everyone so far in 2020 has dealt a sudden and unfortunate blow to Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, as the track has long been considered one of the premier drag racing facilities in the world world, social media announced that it was officially closed for the 2020 race

Why is JEGS taking so long?

Some orders may take longer to arrive due to shipping delays and manufacturer delays. Many of our manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the strong demand. JEGS strives to provide the best customer service available.

Did JEGS get fined by the EPA?

CHICAGO (September 13, 2021) – Today, U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency announced a settlement that will pay Jeg’s Automotive Inc. of Delaware, Ohio a $300,000 civil penalty for selling aftermarket automotive parts , which the EPA claims violated the Clean Air Act. p>

What does JEGS stand for?

Definition. JEGS. Japanese Environmental Guidelines (US DoD)

Is JEGS Made in USA?

JEGS aluminum toe plates | Made in the USA | 24″ x 9″ x .120″ thick | Includes two toe plates and two tape measures.

Where is JEGS manufactured?

The 10,000-square-foot warehouse was used as a retail store, and a new 225,000-square-foot warehouse and corporate headquarters were built in Delaware, Ohio. Today, JEGS employs more than 350 people and the company attracts hundreds of thousands of customers every year.

How many JEGS locations are there?

Does Summit Racing ship fast?

Customers who place their order before 10pm. Eastern, Summit Racing’s lightning-fast customer service team ships your orders the same day. Once shipped, orders arrive at the customer’s door within 1-2 days in most of the contiguous 48 states.

How do I return something to Summit Racing?

We back every sale with our handshake guarantee: if you’re not satisfied with our products or service, we’ll refund your money. Simply return any part, new or unused, within 90 days and we’ll refund you

Who does Summit use for shipping?

We ship internationally via UPS International only.

The site automatically calculates $65.00 for international shipping & Handling. Once shipping can be calculated, we will charge the credit card for the actual cost plus a $5.00 processing fee.



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