Are Airsoft Guns Legal in Indonesia?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 3, 2022

Apakah airsoft legal di Indonesia?

If you want to own an airsoft gun, there are rules or conditions that must be followed. Ownership of Airsoft guns is regulated by the Indonesian National Police Chief’s Order No. 8 of 2012 on Supervision and Control of Firearms for Sporting Purposes.

Apakah airsoft gun dijual bebas?

Selling airsoft guns is actually quite free in the market. Ownership is not as rigorously tested as a firearm, but there are still conditions or rules that must be met if you wish to own an airsoft gun.

Apakah airsoft gun dilarang?

According to Setyo, the use of air rifles is strictly prohibited. For anyone who gets caught or has it, get ready to face the law. The Emergency Law No. 12/1951 with a threat of 12 years in prison is ready to seduce those found in possession of an airgun.

Apakah pistol airsoft gun bisa membunuh?

Weapon Airgun uses CO2 gas. “With this gaseous material, the airgun has an output of 400 to 500 FPS and can injure the person it is shooting at. Although it doesn’t penetrate the flesh, it can injure the skin,” he said.

Bolehkah memiliki airgun?

So, in order to legally own an airgun, you must obtain a permit from Kapolda u.p. Dirintelcame with a copy of the local police chief and supported by the passport book.

Apakah airsoft gun termasuk senjata api?

Airgun including in the Firearms ban governed by Emergency Act No. 12 of 1951. Anyone possessing it without permission may be prosecuted. p>

Mengapa harga airsoft gun mahal?

‌Why is Airsoft expensive? Because the Airsoft is made with high realism, it requires a production machine with very good precision, which increases the production price. In general, the closer the resemblance to the original weapon, the expensive.

Airsoft gun pakai peluru apa?

Furthermore, the bullets used for the Buckshot type airgun are made of caliber 4.5mm lead. These bullets can have a bad effect when shot into the human body. Use round bullets made of plastic with size 6 mm.

as an airsoft gun for ammunition

Senjata Air gun apakah berbahaya?

According to Argo, an air rifle is more dangerous than an airsoft rifle. “If shots are fired at close range, the air rifle can injure or even kill people,” he said on Saturday (March 4, 2021), as reported by

Berapa fps airsoft gun?

Its firing speed is only 350 feet per second (fps), in contrast to the gun air which can reach 700 fps or more.

Apakah senapan angin harus ada izin?

Rifles with a caliber of 5.5 mm require a permit issued by the police department.

Berapa lama CO2 airgun bisa dipakai jika sdh terpasang?

Do not leave an active CO2 hose in the air gun for more than a month. Before removing the CO2 hose attached to the air gun, always release the remaining gas by shooting repeatedly until there is no residue. Because the sudden release of gas can cause the seal to freeze and break.



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