DOTA 2– Healer Phoenix– Spirit Vessel, Holy Locket, Guardian Greaves

Ive never tried this build before. Do you think its any good?

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4 thoughts on “DOTA 2– Healer Phoenix– Spirit Vessel, Holy Locket, Guardian Greaves

  • Holy locket and Greaves on a supporting phoenix were an idea i thought up on randomly. and i wanted to see it played on Ancient-Divine bracket. The main concept of it is that you play similarly to an omniknight would in a teamfight, should you even Get aghs in that game along with your Vessel, Mekans, Tranq and Locket. you can have two sun rays to heal cores near the enemy. Vessel is just generally good eitherway too because you can use it for healing during off-time and shutting down their supports badly with your fire spirits talent.

    my theory was there. but i still do want more executions of this build in the upper bracket

  • i had played healer phoenix pos 4 rushing urn, wand and then mekans back then. holy locket seems a bit redundant. vessel and greaves are good.

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